The Global Day Of Action saw many thousands of people marching for climate justice in cities and towns across the world. Credit: Andy Aitchison/Oxfam.

Don’t look away: the climate crisis has already caused irreversible damage.

But if we all play our part and push leaders to act, we could turn the tide on its effects. Are you in?

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It’s not fair that our ability to cope with the climate crisis is based on where we live and the resources we’ve been given.

Or that millions of people’s lives have already been devastated by climate disasters that have forced them from their homes and pushed them deeper into poverty.

But it’s exactly why we all have to take action – to be part of the solutions that can work towards stopping the climate crisis in its tracks.

By making our calls for climate action as loud as possible, we have an opportunity to create a better, fairer future. One where communities who have done the least to cause this crisis aren’t facing its worst effects. One where world leaders make decisions that benefit us all.

The climate crisis affects the entire planet. So we should be in this together. Add your name to join the movement fighting for climate justice and a fairer, greener world.