Run Your Own Music Festival

Join our inspiring team of volunteers and help beat poverty

This is Oxjam – the UK’s largest grassroots music festival. For the last 12 years, Oxjam Festivals have taken over local music venues, packing them with local music lovers enjoying a line-up of the best local talent.

Oxjam Festivals take place in October every year, Oxjam 2019 Festival Manager recruitment opens 03/02/19.

So what is Oxjam?

Oxjam is a new type of music festival.

Oxjam is a community festival run by you, for you. It’s made up of all your favourite musicians, at your favourite independent venues and gig spaces, playing in celebration of everything you love about your local music scene.

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Whilst Oxjam occurs across the UK, we are especially keen to find Festival Managers in a few locations where we know Oxjams have been a huge success in the past!

Those areas are: Lichfield, Shrewsbury, Leamington, Wolverhampton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Bath, Plymouth, Truro, Portsmouth, Southampton, Hastings, Brighton & Hove.

Please click on the ‘OXJAM’ icon in the top left hand corner to apply to be a Festival Manager.


“Volunteering as Festival Manager was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was great to learn about how music events run, from booking acts to on-the-day management and everything in between. I don’t think anything will beat the feeling of accomplishment, knowing that we had done it, and that we had raised over £2,500 for Oxfam.”

Sam Dewey, Peckham.

By organising your own Oxjam Music Festival, you are supporting your local community while also fighting poverty on a global scale. Music can be a truly unifying force, and have have a positive impact globally, as Graham from Crystal fighters discovered in Ethiopia.

Be the one who makes it happen.