How do I perform or volunteer at an Oxjam event?

If you’d like to perform or volunteer at one of our multi-venue events, you will need to get in touch with the relevant Festival Manager. Festival Managers will be appointed by the end of April. Come back here or contact us in April and we’ll direct you to your local Festival Manager.

I own / run a venue, how can I support Oxjam?

If you would like to host an Oxjam event but not organise one, take a look at the Oxjam map Oxjam map and get in touch with your local Festival Manager. New Festival Managers will be recruited by the end of April, so check back in around that time for your 2019 contact.

What support do you offer?

We are here to provide all the tools needed for our Festival Managers to run successful events and raise money for Oxfam. We have a central team based in Oxford who are always on hand to help, plus Community Engagement Managers based around the UK. For more information on what we can offer you, email us at, or phone us on 0300 200 1255.

What is an Oxjam Music Festival?

Oxjam music festivals are multi-venue music events that showcase the best local talent across towns and cities throughout the UK all in the name of Oxfam.

These events are organised by teams of Oxjam volunteers, led by Festival Managers, who spend over 6 months putting them together.

How do I join an Oxjam festival team?

Our Festival Managers usually recruit their teams between April to June.

Why isn’t there an Oxjam Music Festival in my area?

Our Festival Managers have full control over the location of their festivals which means that sometimes certain town and cities miss out. Think that needs changing? Why not apply to be a Festival Manager in 2019?

Does my event have to be in October?

Most of the Oxjam Music Festivals take place in October, because more people are aware of Oxjam being at this time of year. We recommend October as the best time to host your festival.

I want to organise an outdoor event – what do I need?

Oxjam doesn’t usually recommend holding an outdoor event. They carry a high risk and take a lot of organisation. The best formula for a successful event is an existing, indoor, licensed venue which already has the equipment that you and your bands will need.

If you do feel experienced enough to organise an event somewhere new, the most important thing that you need to consider is a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) These are usually available from your local council. Find out more from You will also need to ensure your event is covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Can I put on an Oxjam event overseas?

Yes, although we don’t recommend this as the support and guidance that the central Oxjam team provides is specific to the UK.

I want to approach a big name artist – how do I do this?

Oxjam is all about local music, global impact. Please don’t contact big name artists for your event. This is for the following reasons:

When Oxjam does work with celebrities we do this for one reason only – to deliver media coverage to raise awareness of the Oxjam music festival as a whole. This then means that venues and local artists are much more willing to get involved and the public are much more willing to buy tickets. This is managed by the central Oxjam team and we are supported by our friends in the music industry to make this cost-effective and successful.

The concept of Oxjam and the reason why it is successful is because it highlights the best local music all around the UK and the brilliant people who organise gigs. Getting celebrities in doesn’t really fit.

Oxjam is about raising money, gaining music experience and having fun. The riders, legal considerations, and general stress of ensuring that celebrities are looked after can really detract from this.

The only option that we recommend is if there is an event already happening with signed musicians – then if you feel it’s a good fit with Oxjam who could consider contacting the promoter to see if they would like to tag the event as an Oxjam one and give some of the proceeds to Oxjam.

How should I promote my event and when should I start?

It’s never too soon to start promoting your event. Get your artists and venues to promote through their networks, use social media and never underestimate the power of word of mouth promotion! For helpful tips and event advice, head to the Oxjam Blog.

Will Oxfam get me acts, venues, sponsors, sound engineers, tickets etc for my event?

The thing that makes Oxjam events so great is that they are organised by extraordinary volunteers like you, which means that your event can be whatever you want it to be. Although our regional Oxjam teams are there to support you every step of the way, it is your responsibility to organise the event.

Once you’ve signed up as a Festival Manager you’ll gain access to the ‘backstage area’ of the website. This is full of online resources to help you plan and promote your event. You’ll also be invited to a training weekend and gain support from your regional Community Engagement Manager.

Can I ask my local Oxfam shop to help me?

Yes of course you can approach your local shop.

Please be aware that shop staff are often very busy and may not always have time to help. Having said that, many of our shops have helped teams and organisers put on brilliant events; some shops have even hosted their own! Our Dalston, Manchester and Glasgow shops for example have hosted high profile media launch events for Oxjam in the past. You can find your local shop here.

How do I go about fundraising?

For loads of fundraising tips, visit the fundraising section of our website.

How should I promote my event and when should I start?

Once you register to host an Oxjam Gig you’ll access loads of information to help you promote your event. Remember that it’s never too soon to start promoting your event. Get your artists and venues to promote to their networks, use social media to invite all your contacts and post regular tweets. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth promotion and don’t forget to list your event on the Oxjam website so that gig goers in your area can find out all about it.

How do I pay in my fundraising?

The quickest and easiest way to pay your fundraising is to do it online via our website.

You can also do it via cheque by completing a paying in form and sending it to Oxjam HQ. You may also wish to look into setting up an e-fundraising page as this is a great way to get people to sponsor your event.

What if I don’t raise as much money as I pledge?

We recognise the challenges of orchestrating an Oxjam event and try to help as much as possible with training and resources to make your event a success. We understand that sometimes events aren’t able to meet their fundraising target but that isn’t a problem, Oxfam is grateful for all the money that you do raise.

What do I do if I cannot put on my event?

We understand things don’t always go to plan and that sometimes events have to be cancelled. All we ask is that you email us to let us know, and that you remove any online promotions relating to the event. We also recommend that you offer to refund any tickets that have already been bought.

How do I buy a ticket for an Oxjam Event?

There isn’t one set way to buy a ticket for an Oxjam event as all of our Festival teams use different ways to promote their events. Check out our map to find events near you and find out how to buy tickets.

Tickets are not currently on sale, check back in this summer.

What if I still have a question?

The Oxjam team are always here to help! Email us at, or phone us on 0300 200 1255.