Ever wondered where Oxjam fundraising goes?

Since Oxjam started in 2006 it has raised nearly 3 million pounds for Oxfam – an incredible amount that has undoubtedly made a huge difference to the lives of those living in extreme poverty around the world. But where exactly does the money go? And what projects does Oxjam support?

We sent Graham from electronic-folk pioneers Crystal Fighters to Ethiopia to find out and see first hand where just some of the money goes.

Early in 2017 Crystal Fighters announced that they’d be working closely with Oxfam throughout the year, stating “we couldn’t be happier to be working in partnership with Oxfam throughout the year as supporters of the phenomenal system they have in place. We will be travelling worldwide with the Oxfam crew over the course of the year supporting with our hearts and our hands!”.

This pledge of support saw Graham celebrate the end of Oxjam 2017 with a trip to Dangila, Ethiopia, to take a look at Oxfam’s drought response and Honey Project work. He also took time out to thank everyone who had been involved with Oxjam this year, and also put on an impromptu performance with a local band named The Honey Family (remember – you heard them here first!). See below for photo gallery and videos of his trip.

A total of 37 towns and cities hosted Oxjam Music Festivals in 2017 to help people fight poverty and support projects like Oxfam’s drought response in Ethiopia. An estimated 8.5 million people are affected by the failure of seasonal rains causing drought in Southern and South eastern parts of Ethiopia, and Oxfam is supplying water to communities through water trucking, repairing boreholes and delivering water to institutions such as schools and health facilities.