Run Your Own Music Festival

Watch this Space for more news on Oxjam 2021 and how to get involved!

This is Oxjam – the UK’s largest grassroots music festival – and we need inspiring Festival Managers to join the team, and help beat poverty with Oxfam.


So what is Oxjam?

Oxjam is a new type of music festival.

Oxjam is a community festival run by you, for you. It’s made up of all your favourite musicians, at your favourite independent venues and gig spaces, playing in celebration of everything you love about your local music scene.

This month-long celebration of music is made up of dozens of multi-venue music festivals taking place across the UK in October, run entirely by teams of dedicated volunteers and headed up by an inspiring Festival Manager (that’s where you come in).

As well as beating poverty and raising awareness of Oxfam’s work, the Festivals are all about providing a platform up and coming musical talent and supporting your favourite local venues. We want you to not just have a positive impact in the money you raise, but in how you work alongside your community.


What does an Oxjam Festival Manager do? 

An Oxjam Festival Manager is responsible for recruiting and then supporting a core team of volunteers, guiding them through various fundraising events up until October when Oxjam takes place.

Although the festival takes place in October, work begins once applicants have been appointed in April. The first task is to recruit a team and then  planning begins. Multiple skill sets are needed to make Oxjam such a success. From marketing to production, you’ll need lots of strings in your bow, but the good news is those strings don’t all have to be yours!

One of the most important things for a Festival Manager to do is to manage their team well, keeping everyone on track to throw an amazing festival. That’s not to say that an eye for design, local music scene connections, or social media savvy won’t come in handy!

You can read more about what an Oxjam Festival Manager does in this Application Pack, which includes a Role Description and Festival Manager Timeline.


Do I have to have lots of experience?

Festival Managers come to Oxjam from different backgrounds with different expertise. What they all leave with is the accomplishment of running their own multi-venue spectacular. Many go on to work in the music and events industries as well as in fundraising, marketing and much more, but professional expertise like this is in no way a requirement to volunteer.

You’ll also get plenty of support including fundraising expertise from Oxfam’s Community Engagement Team, a dedicated member of Oxfam staff, the core team of volunteers you’ll recruit, plenty of online and physical resources, as well as an active network of fellow Festival Managers to fall back on.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about Oxfam and grassroots music, we’re looking for you!


What do I need to do?

To write your name into Oxfam’s rich musical history, you’ll just need to take that first step and start your application below. We will be announcing when we will be recruiting for Oxjam 2021 and more news soon – so watch this space!

Click here to download your Application Form, and click here to download your Application Pack.



“Volunteering as Festival Manager was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was great to learn about how music events run, from booking acts to on-the-day management and everything in between. I don’t think anything will beat the feeling of accomplishment, knowing that we had done it, and that we had raised over £2,500 for Oxfam.”

Sam Dewey, Peckham.

By organising your own Oxjam Music Festival, you are supporting your local community while also fighting poverty on a global scale. Music can be a truly unifying force, and have have a positive impact globally, as Graham from Crystal fighters discovered in Ethiopia.

Be the one who makes it happen.