Marvin Dee Band

Time: 10:00 pm

Marvin Dee Band has started a new chapter with the release of their debut album. The Album was appropriately named “Changes”, after a song that didn’t end up making the final cut, but best encompasses the story of the album none the less. The new album has earned the band comparisons with the likes of Marc Cohn, Jeff Buckley and Bruce Springsteen, to name a few.

“Changes” is about a band who no longer lets other people tell them what to do. It’s about growing up and making choices. About looking forward and daring to take a step back. About prosperity and adversity. But mostly, it’s about overcoming the voices (inside your head and in your surroundings) that tell you you’re not good enough, and finding your own way. The album was released in October 2019.

Watch the VOxjam video here!

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