2019’s Festivals spread across the UK. Leeds, Newcastle, Sowerby Bridge, St Andrews, Beeston, Norwich, Cambridge, Windsor, Lichfield, Cardiff, Exeter, Clapham, Stratford, Hackney, Brixton and Southampton all waved the Oxjam flag with incredible multi-venue events.

On average in 2019, a new Festival Manager and their team raised enough money to buy…

100 solar lights that are used for anything from lighting a temporary shelter to providing safety to a woman at night, 80 bed nets that protect people from mosquitos and prevent the spread of Malaria, safe drinking water for 50 people in Ethiopia from a community water point, training for 10 survivors of sexual violence in Iraq to regain control of their lives and income with small business management, training for 5 Rwandan women to use ‘biodigesters’ that turn pig poo into household energy, AND 1 tent which can act as a shelter for people escaping conflict or natural disasters.

With 17 Festivals taking place overall, in 2019 Oxjam’s fundraising made a huge difference to lives globally.