How to sell out your Oxjam gig: 5 tips for promotion

So you’ve planned your event like a total pro by doing your research and getting a dependable team together to help. You have a strong vision for your event and may have already booked your venue and set a date. Once you have the most basic of details sorted, it’s time to start promotion. Here are a few pointers to help ensure your gig is a sell-out success and that you aren’t stressing unnecessarily the night before about ticket sales.

1. Get started early

You might think that you need to wait until you have every last detail pinned down before you start putting your gig out there, but early promotion can make a big difference. Why not incentivise early ticket buying with a tiered pricing system and offer early bird discount? You might even want to do this before you’ve announced your headline acts, teasing line-up info on social media and drip-feeding artwork as you do to create a buzz. This way you can also capitalise on early interest and reward those who book early.

2. Get networking

Social media is a must for promotion, but it’s also a good way to cosy-up to key figures and influencers in your local music scene. Don’t view other promoters as competition, instead see if you can work together and help each other out. If you share and promote their events, they’ll most likely return the favour. If you don’t have a background in the events industry too, this sort of help and validation can be invaluable. They’ll be more willing to impart their knowledge and advice too.

3. Utilise the Oxjam channels

26% of Oxjam gig-goers will hear about your event through the Oxjam site, so make sure you get your event listed by registering and putting it up on the map! Keep us updated with how your plans are coming along too and tag @OxjamFestival in on twitter so we can repost your content to our 11K+ followers. Together we make up the largest grassroots music festival in the UK, and are better and stronger for it.

4. Make it easy

As soon as you start promoting your event, you’ll want to offer supporters the chance to buy tickets. If they see a poster or fb post and then have to wait a few weeks until they can buy tickets, chances are they will lose interest or some other event will come along and fill up their diaries. Make advance ticket buying as easy as possible by posting url and box office details on all your social profiles, posts and events, and include it on your physical flyers and posters too.

5. Take it to the press!

Local media is another popular channel for people to hear about your gig. We suggest sending press releases out to all your main local outlets (print, radio, online) and contacting local bloggers to see if they’d be interested in covering the event. Although we don’t advise running a guestlist, you could consider giving discounted tickets for press in return for some pre-event coverage and promotion. There are also numerous listings sites out there that it is worth adding your event to. Get your event out there!

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