Right now, millions of families are running from devastating conflict – and we face the biggest refugee crisis since World War Two. These families have lost their homes, but a little piece of yours could keep them safe.

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You donate the number of your door – it’s that simple!

Explosions shook the doors and windows...

"We could see the missiles falling… The explosions shook the doors and windows…The children were crying." Zahra* and her family fled when their village was bombed and their precious home was burned to the ground. In moments, they were left with nothing.

Zahra says, "Everyone was running and looking for a place to hide. Apart from our memories and photos, we left everything there. We thought we would return to the house after a few days but… I heard that everything was burned and my house destroyed."

Please donate your door number today and help more homeless families find safety and a new start.

* We have changed her name to protect her identity.

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Your donation today could help to give a homeless family safety and a new start. Your generosity can help to pay for clean water, hygiene kits, winter clothes, food and emergency shelter.

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