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Care for carers

In Britain and around the world, too many of our carers – paid and unpaid – are in poverty.

The coronavirus has underlined the importance of care, and threatens to exacerbate the links between care, poverty, gender and wider inequalities.

It’s time that we take proper care of our carers, urge our politicians to listen to their needs and make sure that they have what they need to get by – starting right here at home.

Lynn is asking for politicians across Britain to #CareForCarers...

In focus: Lynn Williams, unpaid carer

"Even before the pandemic, carers faced poverty as we plugged holes in the system, and now our costs have gone up. Anxiety and stress, multiplied by the direct and indirect impacts of coronavirus mean so many carers feel that they may burn out. And I understand how that feels, I have been anxious, scared and have felt utterly alone. My own fear is magnified when my husband looks on with terror in his eyes as he sees himself in every older or disabled person who dies as a result of this pandemic. At times, the pressure has felt like a heavy weight on my shoulders. That fear is living in the homes of disabled people and carers across Scotland and beyond. We feel helpless when we have no say in the policies and responses which so profoundly affect every aspect of our lives. Now, politicians have begun to talk about the future but we need their commitment to help carers, now."


Carers are key to getting us through this crisis, and they deserve better. To demonstrate our care for carers, Oxfam wrote an open letter asking MPS, MSPs and MSs to call on politicians across Britain to act to end poverty for carers, now and forever. This letter was signed by over 100 others who also support this cause.

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Care, poverty and Coronavirus across Britain

We know that the current crisis is putting even more strain on our carers, who are more likely to be women.

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