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Photo: Robert Fogarty/Oxfam

Global ceasefire

We cannot effectively respond to a global pandemic when millions of people are still caught in warzones. We cannot treat sick people when hospitals are being bombed or prevent the spread of the coronavirus when tens of millions are forced to flee from violence.

We must have a global ceasefire, and we must put our collective resources behind making that ceasefire a reality.

Let's protect the most vulnerable now and allow life-saving aid to reach people in conflict zones around the world.

Warring parties in 11 conflict zones have agreed to respect a ceasefire at this time, the UK & other powerful nations have backed the call but now it’s time to turn words into action. Silencing the guns during the coronavirus pandemic will save many thousands of lives.

We need all the world's leaders and warring parties to respect the #GlobalCeasefire currently in place.

‘[A] ceasefire is not enough. It must be combined with inclusive dialogue that will make it possible to reach genuine peace and true reconciliation.’
– Naomie Ouedraogo, Network of Faith Women for Peace in Burkina Faso

A global ceasefire could offer a window of opportunity for inclusive, locally-led peace.

A meaningful ceasefire must be founded on local solutions and give the communities, women’s groups and youth who work tirelessly for peace places at the table.

A global ceasefire now can be the first step to a peace created by women, men and girls for women, men and girls that's rooted in the local realities for everyone living in conflict zones, supported by people across borders and backed by global political goodwill.

Support the global ceasefire, make and share a #Dove4Peace.

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