Creative activity ideas for ages 7-14

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Home learning inspiration

Until it’s time for everyone to go back to school, we are sharing fun and educational activities to use at home with children aged 7-14. Whether you are a parent looking for creative ideas during lockdown, or a teacher supporting families to learn remotely we have something for you!

Now, more than ever, is a time to help young people understand their world, reflect on what is important in life, and think about how they can make change happen. Each resource focuses on one of the needs we all share – through simple, child-led activity ideas, engaging videos from around the world, and downloadable worksheets.

Consider what we all need to thrive, explore what connects us and be inspired to make a difference. Although many millions of children around the world are limited to their homes right now, their curiosity about the world remains wide open. We look forward to having fun with you.



These activities support children to think about what it means to learn, consider the barriers that some young people face in going to school and explore possible solutions. Children and their schools are also invited to join the Send My Friend to School campaign to ensure everyone has the Right Climate to Learn.

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Keeping clean and staying healthy

Good handwashing is more important than ever. But, how do you wash your hands if you don’t have access to clean water and soap? These activities help children to appreciate the importance of keeping clean and staying healthy in their own lives, as well as think critically about the challenges that some communities face in accessing safe water and sanitation.

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This global crisis has prompted many of us to reflect on the importance of our communities. These activities help children to learn and think about where they live and their connections with the people around them. And they encourage children to consider what an ideal future for their community would be like.

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What does home mean to you? Consider why people might move and develop empathy for those forced to flee their homes. Children (and adults) are also invited to creatively share their experiences of staying in one space because of the lockdown by making a dolls' house in a shoebox.

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We depend on our world and each other in so many ways. Inspired by some of the communities Oxfam works with around the globe, we’ve put together some ideas for action that you and your child might like to take for our planet and its people.

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Whoever we are, and wherever we live in the world we all share the same basic needs such as food, water and shelter. Use these quick activity ideas and colourful images to help children aged 7-14 years to explore some of the ways in which we are connected to people and the world around us through the food we eat.

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It's all too easy to forget what a miracle water is. Whether for drinking, washing or growing our food, we all need water. Here are some quick activity ideas to support learning and thinking about water. Keep a water diary, build a water filter and act out the journey of a rain drop!

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What do we all need to thrive?

What is important in life? Use these creative activity ideas to prompt thinking and discussion. Sort ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, make a family value tree and use a video of Oxfam’s work around the world to appreciate our shared need to eat, drink, earn and learn.

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We would love to receive any feedback about these resources and suggestions for how our education team could further support teachers, parents and carers during these difficult times. Please get in touch:


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