When it comes to protecting the farmers and workers who supply the food we eat, Lidl is the UK’s worst performing supermarket out of the six on our Behind the Barcodes’ scorecard.

To date, Lidl does not have sufficient public policies on human rights. This distinct lack of transparency is worrying. As is knowing they are the only supermarket not to have joined the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Lidl need to be clear about their policies to protect supply chain workers from abuse, inhumane working conditions, and being trapped in poverty.

But they’re not.

Lidl says it’s ‘Big on quality’. While that might be the case, they’re not so ‘Big on’ protecting the workers who produce our food.

Which is why we’re asking you to sign our petition.

Ask Lidl to do more to protect the people who produce our food.

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How does your supermarket check out on human rights?

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For the last two years, we have been pushing the six major supermarkets in the UK to develop and publish better policies to prevent gender discrimination and protect suppliers and workers in their supply chains.

All we’re asking for is that they show us how they could better protect the thousands of people who put food into our shops and on our tables.

We know that the supermarkets listen to you, their customers. Last year, when you spoke out and took action in-store and online against Aldi, they listened. In 2018, Aldi published its first human rights policy.

Let’s get Lidl to do the same.

To be clear, all the supermarkets on our scorecard still have a long way to go. Use it now to see how your supermarket checks out on human rights.

How much do you know about where your food comes from?

Do you know what's behind the food we all eat?

Around the world, people growing and making the food we buy are being underpaid, badly treated, and trapped in poverty. It's important that our supermarkets take steps to combat these issues. People like Pedro, Carlos, Robson and Maria are paying the price.

Over the past 30 years supermarkets have increased their share of earnings from the production of food by 11%, whilst small-scale farmers and workers have seen their share cut by 26%.

This continuous squeeze by supermarkets has pushed workers deeper into poverty. Find out more about the campaign in this video.

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